Interviewing Tips: How to answer difficult interview questions


You're armed with your resume, cover letter, and portfolio ready to ace your job interview, so what could go wrong? Preparation is key to a successful interview. Not only should you be prepared to show off your skills, but you should be prepared to answer any of the questions that your interviewer throws your way. Many times these seem like curveballs designed to trick or trap you. But keep in mind that the hiring manager's difficult questions are helping him or her to understand your past experiences and how they have made you a stronger professional. To help you in your interview quest, we have outlined some of the most difficult questions you could face at an interview and how to best answer them.

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Tips for Hiring Managers to Conduct Exceptional Interviews


Most of us begin our careers having to make a great first impression on a hiring manager to get our foot in the door into the company of our choice. If we're lucky, put in a lot of hard work, and strive for greater things, eventually most of us get to experience the nerve-wracking process known as the job interview from the other side of the desk. In other words, we go from the interviewee to the interviewer.

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What Makes An Employee Happy?


We can all agree that happiness is a rather relative thing since what makes one person happy, may not even put a smile on someone else’s face. However, if you have a certain target group, in this case your employees in their work environment, then it is much easier to come to a conclusion and be quite specific at that. Therefore, we have gathered some statistics of interviews with employees from various workplaces. In the end, the most important ingredient to making employees happy is to satisfy their needs and wishes.

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How Much Time Do We Actually Spend Working at Work?


Whenever you find yourself scrolling down the newsfeed on your social media accounts or checking the latest trends and gossip online while at work, you shouldn’t feel guilty or stressed out. In fact, your colleagues around you have probably spent the same amount of time being non-productive and taking little breaks browsing the web. Even though it may sound outrageous to some of you managers and employers reading this, this happens every day in the real world and something that should be expected.

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