4 Reasons It Helps To Be Honest with Your Recruiter When Job Seeking



When you are unemployed or looking for a second job, the whole process of finding the right position can be an exhausting process. One of the benefits of using a job placement services is that a recruiter can help you find a job that is the perfect match for you. Although it may be tempting to not be completely honest with them, it's very important to be honest with the recruiter since their opinions can be a contributing factor when a hiring manager makes their final decision about who gets the job. Here are some reasons why you should be upfront with your recruiter when job seeking.

1. Get the Inside Scoop

Many recruiters have lengthy discussions with hiring managers, so they can give you insight about certain skills and requirements they are looking for in particular in job candidate. When you're honest and upfront about the kind of job you would like to have and your skill-set, it will be easier for your recruiter to find a position that is the best fit.

2. They Can Explain Your Previous Criminal Background and Employment History

Also, it is important that you disclose previous employment problems or information that may appear on your criminal record to your recruiter as soon as possible. This will allow you to explain any negative information that may come up when the recruiter conducts a background check. Once the recruiters know the truth, they can work with you to present your previous employment in the best light possible. They can also notify the hiring manager about the circumstances surrounding your previous criminal record and let them know how you have changed or improved as a result. Overall, the less surprises for your recruiter the better!

3. Get Interview Advice and Tips

Have you not been on an interview for a decade? Or do your hands get sweaty when you are asked questions about your previous job experience? If you are nervous about interviewing for a job, speak up! Your recruiter can give you helpful tips and advice that will prepare you for an interview.

Most recruiters are pros when it comes to the interviewing and hiring process. They can provide extra guidance on what to wear during an interview and how to behave. Your recruiter can also coach you on what questions you should ask during the interview process. For example, you can ask the hiring manager about their company culture and what kinds of people are typically successful since it shows you are ambitious and want to succeed.

Recruiters can also let you know the best way to follow up with the hiring manager after the interview to increase your chances of getting the job. Overall, there are many ways a recruiter can help you out so you can feel less nervous and more confident during your interview. And who wouldn’t want to get advice from an expert?

4. They Can Save Your Resume For Another Position That is a Better Fit

Sometimes it can be tempting to take The first job that your recruiter offers you because you may be scared that another position may not come up. However, if you don't think you are a good fit for the job please be honest with your recruiter. They may not have an immediate position available that fits all of your requirements and skill sets, but they can save your resume for a better potential job in the future.

The more upfront you are with your recruiter in the beginning of the job hunt process, the more likely they will be able to find a position that matches your interests and requirements. Please contact us today for more information about our Chicago full service staffing firm.