5 Easy Steps to Recruit the Right Candidates for a Job


AdobeStock_129824107Quality recruitment requires a variety of skills, knowledge, insights, and so on in order to be done effectively; satisfying for both the employer and employee. Recruiters have a difficult time selecting the right candidates out of the many applications that come pouring in, each of which has to be reviewed. However, recruiters who have just begun their careers shouldn’t be discouraged because everything can be learned. There are some universal tips for recruiters that will help them in selecting the best candidates because if they do not have a specific and organized plan, it will take up most of their precious time.

  • Be precise in your job descriptions.

Whenever you are making a job listing you should be most focused on the job description that you are going to provide. This is the first and most basic step that you should implement in order to ensure that you are attracting the right candidates. All you have to do is describe what the position would be and what sort of person is needed to fill in the requirements. Piece of cake!

  • Make the application process as easy as possible.
  • Candidates may not want to go through a daunting application process, regardless of their skills or experience, so you should make it as easy as possible in order to avoid unnecessary complications. You do not want potential candidates to quit in the middle of the process out of frustration.
  • If you are precise enough in stating the requirements and necessary qualifications, you will likely attract the people who are most competent for the job, instead of getting a bunch of resumes of people who are an inappropriate fit for the company. This way you will spare yourself more time during the selection process.
  • Quality employees wouldn’t waste all of their time to fill in an application for a company from which they wouldn’t even get a call-back or response from. You should keep in mind that it is not your purpose to attract the most persistent candidates, but those which are the most intelligent and experienced.
  • Use social media.

Why not use social media when there is a possibility that your candidates will spend a lot of their time on these channels, waiting to see their ideal job listing? Instead of using the traditional marketing venues, such as placing newspaper ads or creating TV commercials which would be difficult to track and ultimately a waste of time and money, try implementing a new approach. Nowadays, technology has a great impact on all aspects of our lives and people use the Internet more often than they use their toothbrushes! So, incorporating online marketing and using social media networks in order to reach the right candidates is a great way to launch the marketing campaign that your recruitment quest deserves.

There are tons of active job seekers on LinkedIn, while the more passive ones are on networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. There is definitely no better place to post a job opening and let anyone who might be interested know you’re out there waiting. This way all the fans of a company or an organization will help you spread the word to their own personal networks. Never underestimate the power of social media networks; they place the information right on the palms and smartphones’ of your potential candidates.

  • Immediately identify your best candidates.

Whenever you spot someone who fits the job description and might be one of the best potential candidates that could fill the current opening, make sure you put them on a separate short-list where only the most qualified candidates will be placed. From that short-list of candidates, you should make a selection and interview the best ones. Organizing your thoughts with lists is a great way to help yourself throughout selection.

  •  Create an effective interview.

Scheduling an interview that will be effective and unbiased for any candidate, while at the same time being precise and thorough, can be a daunting responsibility and an even harder task to complete in practice. A great recruiter will have a tested set of interview questions that will act as a universal tool to get the most information out of every candidate; especially the best ones!

For some candidates, no matter their talent, education or experience, interviews are always an obstacle, so they are unable to reveal their true potential. For that reason, allowing the candidate time to speak throughout the majority of the interview (even more than the interviewer) is a great opportunity to a deeper understanding of their personality and character. Make the interviewee feel comfortable, but don’t be afraid to test them with thought-provoking questions. As an interviewer, the three most important things to focus on in order to have an effective interview are: good preparation, objectivity and universality.


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