5 Mistakes That Will Make a Good Employee Leave


Sometimes managers think that it isn’t their fault if an employee decides to leave their current job, but often times they are the ones who should accept the guilt. Once an employee secures a job, the person who is directly responsible for them is the manager, who has to engage, motivate and keep exceptional talent an active part of the team. For that exact reason, the company and its management team should do their best to prevent such things from happening.


Once you have found the right person from the tens, hundreds or thousands of resumes that you’ve received and the many interviews you have conducted, even past the enrolment processes as well as the training, you wouldn’t just let them leave on their own, right? Therefore, we have stated some of the most common reasons that will make most of your employees leave their job  and how you can easily recognize and prevent such things from happening.

  • Employees aren’t satisfied with their compensation. 

It is a fact that nobody will work for free or stay in a company which doesn’t offer a satisfying paycheck together with a great package of additional benefits. For that reason, paying your employees in accordance to the amount of work they do is one of the most basic things you should do. Without offering promotions and frequent (but deserved) raises in their paycheck, you cannot expect high performing employees to stay for the same amount of money they started for.

  • Lack of motivation and engagement.

The second reason for leaving a job, closely behind the low paycheck, is the lack of motivation and engagement at the workplace. Employees may have intrinsic motivation and be passionate about the job all the time. However, if managers do not try to do something to provide extra motivation, the employees may feel they are stagnating or even feel bored which is the last thing that should happen. An engaged employee is a happy employee!

  • There is no progress or improvement to their knowledge.

What employees need at the workplace is the ability to continually learn and upgrade themselves professionally. The ability to grow, climb the career ladder, obtain new skills and be better at what they do over time is what every employee would like. However, some workplaces do not offer them that opportunity and because of that, employees lose the motivation to work and do not see a future for themselves in the company they currently work for.

  • Good employees leave if they are not appreciated or trusted.

Not providing any kind of feedback has detrimental effects on employees because they won’t be aware if they are doing a good job or should improve on something specific. Some praisal words every now and then are needed, so that employees can feel respected and perform even better at their job. Building a respectful relationship between the employer and the employee is important in order for a successful collaboration to happen. Working in a workplace where the managers are full of doubts about whether you are doing your job and also questioning your performance is not a situation an employee would wish to happen.

  • They leave because they are bound to work in an environment of narrow-sighted individuals, offering no space for growth.

The people with whom you spend and communicate for eight hours a day will make a great impact on your way of thinking and behavior as well, whether you like it or not. Therefore, the mass of people will always have an impact on the individuals. Since studies have shown that we become like the people with whom we spent most of our precious time, your excellent employees will take some of the traits of those that aren’t so great and vice versa. We may all like our friends more than we like our colleagues, but the truth is that our colleagues are those with whom we spend most of our day. Once someone has chosen to accept a job at a given company, they have automatically and indirectly chosen their colleagues as well. They might love their job, but coping with the different mindset of their coworkers could be an issue that cannot be fixed.

In such cases it is for the best that you as a manager try to keep a balance between your employees, letting them grow intellectually and also as individuals. Whenever you are hiring new employees do not just focus on their level of education and experience, but rather see what kind of people they are, whether they are open-minded, team players, flexible and so on. By making the right decisions while hiring, you wouldn’t see your best employees leave because of the others.


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