5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Fresh Start at Work


With the start of every new year comes an opportunity for a fresh start in every aspect of life; as well as a chance to solve old problems at home or at work. Still, there are those employees who do not think of the new year as an initiative to make a change, but rather a simple continuation of the previous year. However, why not try and change things by taking an initiative and doing your best to better yourself? If you choose to be one of those people who would like to succeed, you should definitely start to set goals that you’ll achieve throughout the year. Try to somehow connect your career and life goals because in the end, you will only be truly successful if you make strides in both areas of your life.


 We offer five resolutions that you should consider fitting into your list in order to get the most of 2017 at the workplace.

  • Healthy Life/Work Balance

Only those who manage to create a healthy and balanced work-life schedule will eventually succeed in their careers on the long term. Such a balance is crucial in order to both live a positive life and have a productive career. If you overwork yourself all the time, you’ll burn out yourself out before you know it. For every major task you complete, you should also take time to rest and replenish yourself with energy. Staying at work for more than 8 hours or working on a project for several hours without a break will drain you quickly, making your decisions cloudy or misguided. You should either set a clear border between your work and free time, or make sure you’re not sacrificing one too much for the other.

Your goal for the new year should be to do your work faster and more efficiently; avoid working overtime and try to enjoy life outside of work. Make sure you spend some quality free time with your friends and family!

  • Learn New Things

Set a goal that you will complete every single day. Aim to learn new things that will make you better at your job every day because that is how you grow. If you do not invest in your own education by putting in the effort day-to-day, you will definitely fall behind your colleagues. Continuously learning and reading new things about your field of work or something that is new in your industry is the best path to success in your career. Nowadays, since competition is so high, you will not be taken into consideration if you stagnate and are not up-to-date or offer the best of your skill set. Lots of industries change rapidly, so in order to keep on track with the technology and every advance that happens, you should do your best to be adaptable and flexible which can be obtained by broadening your knowledge.

  • Stay Healthy to Show Improvement

If you do not look after your health, you can be sure that it will have a negative impact on your work performance. Even though employers can sometimes be distrustful when they receive a call from you claiming that you’re sick, you should listen to your body first. Going to work while being unable to get anything done is irresponsible for your own health, your colleagues and your employer. This new year, instead of putting all your focus on satisfying your employer, you should do your best in satisfying your body with nutritious foods that will give you the energy and vitamins it needs to improve your brain function, make you think more clearly, be more focused and have even brighter ideas.

  • Exceed Your Expectations

A really great employee is not someone who will achieve the level of expectations of others, but rather someone who will go beyond those expectations. Exceeding your own, as well as your employer’s expectations is a goal you should aim to achieve this new year. You would be more appreciated and respected at the workplace if you make the extra effort to achieve this goal. Also, you will be happier and more motivated once you see that you are capable of going beyond your abilities and achieve things you once thought were unachievable. However, it is important to make little steps every single day to obtain this goal because doing all at once is a good way to overwork yourself.

  • Love or Leave Your Job

This year you should reevaluate your job and make sure that you are passionate about it. If you dislike what you are doing for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 260+ days a year, then maybe it’s time for a change. You cannot have a negative attitude towards your job and expect good results. If you are an experienced and qualified employee, but you are not treated the way you deserve to be, you should definitely consider taking a stand or even quitting. Leaving your job is always a risk, but in this case it’s definitely a risk in the right direction.

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