9 Essential Interview Tips for Every Job Seeker


We have to admit that interviews are a process which most of the time happens according to a certain scheme. For that purpose, it is essential to practice everything beforehand, gather all the info, practice and learn how to perform the very best you can. You have to bear in mind that an interview is a dialogue and not a monologue, so you shouldn’t just let the interviewer do all the talking, but rather try to create a pleasant conversation flow. Keep it natural!


However, there are a few tips which can make your job interview stand out from the rest. Here’s a list of some of the most valuable tips and assets that are used by candidates who actually get the job in the end.

  • Aim to schedule the interview on a Tuesday morning. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t schedule the interview on a Monday or Friday and if you are asked about a certain time for the interview, have in mind that the most successful ones take place on a Tuesday at 10 o’clock. Think we’re being a little superstitious? Well, according to statistics, this is the perfect time to schedule an interview because it’s when the HR interviewers are most focused and can pay attention to the process. On a Monday, the interviewer is preoccupied with the dragging process of checking emails and preparing for the new work week, while on a Friday they  may want to leave the office (either physically or mentally) early and will therefore be too distracted to give you the proper attention you deserve.
  • What position are you applying for? Having the crucial information concerning the position that you are applying for is expected of you. You should never show up to an interview if you are not fully aware of the position you are applying for. A lack of preparation/research may indicate to the interviewer that you are disinterested for the job and/or are someone who doesn’t know what they want but rather has just applied for the sake of applying. And since you’re reading this article, that’s definitely not you!
  • Visit the company’s website and learn something more about them. Doing some research before going to an interview where you can then ask insightful questions about the goals and purpose of the company is something which will make you stand out from the other candidates. Most employers would not even find you as a considerable match if you wouldn’t bother to check their company’s website before having an interview. Lying about having done research should not be your option because you will present yourself as an unreliable person, as well as an inappropriate fit for the company. Starting a work relationship with deception is never a good idea!
  • Dress to impress! Candidates who show up to an interview underdressed, overdressed, or simply not appropriately dressed for the occasion will immediately be disregarded. If they are not going to take the time to make an impression by looking presentable and decent, the manager wouldn’t expect much more of them in the workplace. The proper dress code should be applied for each situation, no matter whether it is required or not. The interviewer will probably not be able to have a clear insight into your character and the hard working employee that you are the very moment they see you, so they will definitely judge you on your outer appearance. Believe it or not, people have a tendency to create a whole image about the type of person you are, just by giving a short glimpse over the type of shoes you’re wearing. Therefore, you should at least make sure they are clean!
  • Arriving on time for the interview is one of the most essential things to do if you are even thinking about getting the job. Any behavior which disrespects the interviewer’s time will not be tolerated and you will be considered as an irresponsible person from the very beginning. Leaving a good first impression means that you will be punctual and arrive on time (if not a little earlier) for the interview. There are of course exceptions to this rule, which do not always have to mean that a person who is not punctual is not organized, because delays or accidents can happen all the time and they shouldn’t necessarily be an indicator of something else. However, you know what people say - “You never get the second chance to leave a good first impression.” It is your obligation to act like your life depends on this interview and not do anything which can ruin it.
  • Be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about the job. The attitude you show at the interview is one of the attributes of which the interviewer will judge you by. So, if you are having a bad day, you better do something which will energize you and reveal the vibrant and enthusiastic part of your personality. Managers who have just met you will have no idea whether it is a bad day you’re having or you are going to be a slow worker with no passion for the job. Therefore, make sure to show your eagerness to start working which should be made evident even from the day of the interview because that will be crucial for the HR manager to decide whether they would hire you or not.
  • Be yourself! Memorizing some of the standard questions that are usually asked at most interviews and answering with your prepared answers, no matter if you are asked the same exact questions or not, is not professional. The most important thing to do is to be different from all of the others in order to leave an impression. If you are just a copy who wouldn’t bring anything authentic to the mix, you have probably failed to impress the interviewer and will not be called in again. Just by being your authentic self, you will eventually manage to show that you are an individual who is worth hiring. Providing clear and concise, yet interesting and innovative answers is what you should go for. Everyone is unique and can stand out in an interview even if you don’t think you’re the most qualified for the job!
  • No Cell Phones!  Before you walk into the interview room, turn off your cell phone. An interviewer will not tolerate sharing their time with your cell phone. Be present for the interview and show your best self.
  • Body language is what speaks about you the loudest. Self-awareness will be shown by the proper body language that you present yourself with during the interview. Just by learning how to control your body language, you can easily convey the message that you are interested in getting the job. There are certain poses and body attitudes that will allow others to perceive you as an open and approachable person. Body posture such as not sitting straight, touching your face or hair, or even biting your nails may convey a message that you are an insecure or shy person. The likelihood that someone will hire you after such an interview is very low. These are all things you can practice and work on at home to feel more natural and comfortable - now get out there and land your dream job!


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