How to Attract Gen Z Employees to Your Company


Employers are still adjusting to the way Millennials get work done. Just as the final wave of Millennials enters the work force, the next generation is starting to trickle in. Generation Z is beginning to graduate from high school and their resumes have begun appearing on the desks of hiring managers. A description of Gen Z, an assessment of their value as employees, and methods for attracting Gen Z employees to your company will all be discussed in this post.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is the generation of individuals in the U.S. ranging from 2 - 19 years of age. While they share some similarities with their Millennial counterparts, there are some distinct differences to be aware of. The negativity portrayed in the media, in conjunction with the economic recession of 2008, has defined how Gen Z views the world. It is this pessimism that truly differentiates Gen Z from Millennials, who have more faith in the American Dream. Allowing the world to remain as it is is not an option for Gen Z. Their mission of social change will resonate in their support for companies. This support comes in the form of both which companies they purchase from and which companies they choose to work for. 


Don't let quality candidates from Gen Z walk away from your company! How to Attract Gen Z Employees to Your Company

Why Hire Gen Z Employees?

Catering to the needs and wants of Gen Z employees needs to be worth the investment—and it is. Gen Z employees are more adept to change and less likely to hop around jobs. Being born into a world saturated with technology has taught Gen Z that nothing is stagnant. A willingness to adapt to changing times makes the training and development of Gen Z a smoother operation. While Gen Z understands that the world around them is a changing place, they will change jobs less often than Millennials. The economic downturn witnessed during their childhood attributed to the realization that employment is not guaranteed. The value they place on holding a job makes jumping from company to company less likely.

 How to Attract Gen Z Employees

Attracting Gen Z employees to your company may require changes to your current policies. Gen Z is placing less emphasis on salary when making employment decisions. The decreasing importance of salary can only be caused by an increased value on non-monetary perks. Below are a few techniques for attracting Gen Z employees to your company.

  • Emphasize non-monetary perks of the jobs
  • Offer health insurance
  • Portray your company as honest and socially responsible
  • Stray away from a hierarchical environment
  • Allow a more flexible work environment
  • Offer employee development programs

 A Final Note on Attracting Gen Z

Attracting top talent from Gen Z will be crucial in determining the future success of your organization. As with any other advancement, it is better to be ahead of the curve than to play catch up later. Just like Gen Z, your company needs to be willing to change.