Five Ways To Recruit and Hire Top Technical Talent



The technical talent pool of today can be a prickly jungle of mystery, strewn with vines of varying skill sets and dangerous bear traps of fabricated backgrounds and inaccurate credentials. Amidst this Amazonian atmosphere, how does a company recruit and hire the top talent it so desperately needs to stay cutting edge and rise above the masses of ordinary IT services? The following is a list of five ways to do just that:

  1. Remote Control – It's the age of the cloud, wi-fi, bluetooth, and 4G LTE. Take advantage of the fact that you can hire anyone from anywhere around the world. Of course, they need to at least speak the language fluently enough to accurately communicate with the rest of the team, but with that in mind, your talent pool should be global in scope these days. Don't limit your search for top talent to people within a 30-mile location of your corporate headquarters because today's ability to video conference and send and receive large files in a matter of seconds makes location nearly irrelevant. A lot of corporations still value that "face-to-face" meeting, but this archaic philosophy can be costly in travel expenses and unnecessary, while precluding your company from some potentially very valuable personnel resources.
  2. Look Past The Resume – Unfortunately, a hiring practice that focuses too much on the analysis of a resume can lead to hiring unscrupulous individuals who may have flat out lied about their credentials. A better approach is to carefully test for a person's ability and aptitude. Use the interview process to see how a person may respond to certain crisis situations and to tell if their IT skills are truly up to snuff the way their resume claims.
  3. Think Youth Movement – IT is one area where bidding wars can actually ensue for qualified candidates who ooze valuable real world experience. Don't be afraid to seek out lesser experienced, but promising and exciting young job candidates. Just like the last point, it is advisable to look past the resume and consider things like aptitude and ability rather than hardcore credentials on paper. If you find the right candidate that happens to have some people skills and leadership as well, you just may have landed an extremely valuable member of your staff at a very early point in their career, which could pay big dividends throughout their career with you.
  4. Consider Areas That Are Up And Coming – Decades ago, India emerged as an up and coming area for seemingly limitless workers. It was a region that had an enormously competitive job market and very few opportunities to employ those people. Other countries were able to tap into this market, which proved to be very beneficial over time. These days, other markets in other regions of the world still exist that fall into this category of having a high degree of competition with a small number of employment chances. Seek out these global markets to acquire some talent from a largely untapped job marketplace.
  5. Nail Down Your Mission Statement – The IT talent pool continues to be in very high demand. Top talent within this industry still has virtually their pick of organizations offering similarly high salary and excellent benefits. Often times, the company with a corporate culture that most accurately reflects the personal preference of a top candidate is the one that person will choose. Nail down your mission statement to separate your company from the other "also rans" of the other IT firms that may not be so specific in their corporate values and consequently incapable of personally identifying with their staff.

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