Three Simple (And Important) Job Seeking Tips


Whether you're a college graduate, or someone who was recently let go, there's no doubt that job seeking can be a stressful time. After all, not only are job searches essentially a full-time job within themselves, but many people who have been laid off recently, don't necessarily have the luxury of spending all the time they need to look for employment. While it's true that you can apply for unemployment benefits, that only lasts up to six months. Besides, between paying the bills and providing for your family, looking for employment isn't a joke, especially when there are children and finances involved. Fortunately, at our company, Azimuth, not only are we a full service staffing firm that can help you find jobs easily, but we can also offer some helpful advice. Overall, here are some important job seeking tips you should consider. 


 1. Your Search is a Full Time Job 

As I had mentioned earlier, one can spend so much time seeking employment, that it basically becomes a full-time job within itself. Whether you're searching for freelance positions online, or are looking for outside jobs that generally pay much more, your search can take hours on end. With that said, it's important you remain as dedicated as possible. Not only should you set goals for how many jobs you're going to apply for per day, but you should also check to see when each application expires, especially when it comes to applying for online positions. While that may not seem significant in the long run, it's important because many people end up applying to jobs which were posted weeks ago, and wonder why they never heard back from anyone. While it's true that many employers receive hundreds of applications and don't have time to read them all, the sooner you submit your applications, the better. Overall, being dedicated is one of the most important aspects for any job seeker. 

2. Look For Jobs That Fit Your Expertise 

One of the reasons so many get nowhere in their search, is because they're constantly applying for jobs that they're not even qualified for. With the limited amount of time some people have in their job search, it can be tempting to apply for as many positions as possible, no matter how obscure they seem. However, considering that the employer will look at your resume and cover letter to see if you have experience in the field, and will also ask you personal questions during your interview, it's not always a wise choice. Of course, though, that's not to say you shouldn't apply for any jobs in which you lack experience. After all, there are plenty of places where you learn on the job. For example, let's say that you applied for a customer service job in the Chicago area. If you weren't experienced in that field, yet it really caught your attention, you could explain to the employer that you learn quickly and are always willing to embrace new challenges. While not every employer will make an exception, some will definitely take it into consideration. Overall, between being dedicated to your job search, as well as looking for jobs that fit your expertise, are very important job seeking tips. 

3. Update Your Cover Letter Regularly

Depending on the jobs you're applying for, not only should you update your cover letter on a regular basis, but you should also change it whenever you're applying to a position that's unique. Don't hesitate to change the wording, particularly when addressing the employer. Depending on the company you're applying for, you should change the tone of your letter, as well. Creating the perfect cover letter is all about selling yourself, and explaining to the employer why you'd be a good fit for their services.