Four Methods for Hiring Top Talent in Any Industry


Perhaps the best way to ensure long lasting success for your industry in a highly competitive global marketplace is by recruiting and hiring top talent. Easy enough, it's all about the people, right? You have identified the a need of urgency and now you can take steps to fulfill it. There is a problem, however, which is how do you find and hire that top talent in your industry? The recruiting landscape isn't what it was 20 years ago. Many changes have taken place and if your organization hasn't remained current with those changes, it will be much more difficult to find the best people to come work for you. Consequently, it will become exponentially harder to remain competitive in your industry. If you feel that attracting top talent has become far too challenging in your organization, try the following five methods for better results.


  1. Money Isn't The Only Thing – The IT industry really seems to have a good grasp of this concept. Now, it's up to everyone else to catch up. They realize that good salaries are available to talented employees from many different companies. Therefore, they come up with creative ways of differentiating themselves with benefits packages and other perks that may appeal to different people. We all know that healthcare is nice and so are matching 401k plans, but what about extra vacation time, extended paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers, even unlimited sick time has been used by some companies, like Netflix for one, to a great degree of success. Others find that simple things like a foosball table in the break room, a corporate masseuse, and a casual work environment are good ways to lure top talent into a fun and creative workplace. All that being said ... yeah, money helps too. It's just not the only thing.
  2. Open Your Mind and Your Search Area – Some organizations are stuck in an archaic philosophy that states employees need to be in the office for face-to-face meetings every, single day. With today's videoconferencing technologies and cloud computing with high speed Internet connections being so prevalent, this old school thinking could land you squarely behind the 8-ball in terms of attracting top talent around the world. People enjoy the flexibility of a work from home environment, or at least the option to telecommute once or twice per week. By having a telecommute policy for your staff, you can open up your talent search to global reaches as well. By limiting your hiring searches to an immediate local area you are severely restricting the odds of finding great workers that may be further away, but capable of logging in at any time. 
  3. Use Word of Mouth – Have your current, happy employees go to bat for you. If you believe you have a truly great organization to work for and your employees believe it too, why not tell them to spread the word? Have them recruit top talent from their friends and other colleagues. In the very least, you should be able to ask your staff what they like about working for you and then you can do the ground work with that knowledge firmly in hand.
  4. Mobility is Key – Smartphones and tablets are being used more every day for job searches. Even just a few years ago, it seemed a ludicrous notion that someone would apply for, download a document, or accept an offer for a job through one of these devices. Now it seems almost commonplace. Don't lose out on top candidates because your company wasn't forward thinking enough to be mobile friendly with its hiring practices and applications.