The Right Way to Help New Employees Settle In


Whenever you are about to hire a new employee, you have to put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what would make you feel comfortable and welcome at your new job. We all know that there won’t be a second chance for leaving a good first impression, so it’s important to make their first day at work as pleasant as possible. The new employee is already stressed out enough for starting their new job thinking about the responsibilities and challenges to come,  so for that reason you should do your best to make them feel as relaxed as possible!


  • Contact them before their start date.

When informing them via phone or email that they have been selected for the job, you should also include some extra information which could be quite valuable to them. Be as helpful as possible - include small details so that they’ll prepare in advance and get an idea of how their first day at the new workplace will look. For example, does your company have a specific dress code? Should a new employee bring something with them on the first day? Don’t forget to tell them in advance when they are expected to show up, when they can take a lunch break and how long it should last. If you have a clock in system, walk them through how it works. Every workplace functions differently, so any additional information is useful!

  • Inform your employees that a new employee is about to start.

You should definitely inform your employees that someone new is supposed to start and encourage them to be friendly and give their best to welcome their new colleague. If the others are prepared, they will more likely help the newbie start fresh and warm. One best practice is to assign an employee to be responsible for helping the newcomer get around faster, ‘shadow’ an experienced employee for a while until they’re up and running on their own. It’s important to do what you can in order to build a strong team, so start as early as possible.

  • Get their desk or working area ready.

By getting their desk and working area ready, we mean cleaning up the area and setting them up with all the tools and essentials they’ll need to complete their tasks. If there was a previous employee in the place of the new one, you should make sure to delete any unnecessary files on their computer or  remove all the items that the previous employee has left behind. On the other hand, if the new employee is the first one to use the desk, make sure that their tools or equipment are in good working order. You do not want any inconvenience on the first day at work, as it will cause both you and your new employee unwanted stress and loss of time, so it is better to be prepared rather than let things occur on their own.  

  • Give them a tour and check on them throughout the day.

Show your new employee around so they get the right impression of where everything is and to whom they can turn to every time they feel stuck; this should absolutely be done on the first day. A tour throughout the whole office while also introducing the employee to their new coworkers is an essential first step on their path to both independence and assimilation in the workplace. Lastly, you should also remind them about the rules and regulations of the company, either in written or electronic form, as you set them off to journey on their own!

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