The Top 3 Automated/Technology People-Management Tools You Should Use


If you are part of the management team, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to handle everything you are assigned to do. While some of you may seek for additional help, such as a personal assistant, who will need some time to get in track with everything, there are easier ways to help you organize yourself. Nowadays, you have access to the latest gadgets that technology has created and some of them are applications that you can get online for a very low price or even for free.


Here are some apps that every HR professional should consider implementing in their system that they will definitely find useful.

  • Jobatar

HR professionals have to schedule and go through a lot of interviews which can sometimes take up their entire day. For that reason, it is essential to have some kind of organizational skills in order to maximize the interview process by finishing in just a day or two of the week, while at the same time using the rest of the week for something else. In order to complete your daily tasks  and simultaneously  manage to do interviews, managers should use the application called Jobatar.

This app lets you tape a set of questions for the candidates, while they can answer them by using webcam and recording themselves from home. HR professionals who do not have the time to listen to the answers while at the office, can do it at the very comfort of their homes or even on their smartphones while commuting to and from work. Jobatar adapts to your lifestyle and it is very easy to use, helping you immensely in the  selection process for the top candidates.

  • Zenefits

This amazing app will do every operation that an HR administrative only function is supposed to do: keep employee records, manage taxes, insurance, calculate payroll and compensation payment. This app will easily make attendance evident and keep track of the time sheets. The only drawback of this app is the fact that it is set to comply with the US tax system and therefore people from Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. will find that this app not so useful for them.

However, HR professionals from the US will benefit greatly from Zenefits because it will calculate and file the taxes while keeping track of the payment of employees with all of their benefits included, like stock options for example.

  • Resumator

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the whole hiring process was automated? Well, the app Resumator will enable that by integrating with your email system and posting job openings on social media as well as any potential sites where qualified employees can be found. The Resumator will also post and operate from your own company site in order to attract potential candidates. However, if you do decide to install the Resumator as a part of your system, you should know that there is a monthly subscription and will work best for organizations which hire on a monthly level, not those who would employ an individual or two a year. Therefore, think twice whether you have the need for  the Resumator before paying for a monthly subscription.


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