Top 10 Companies Which Offer the Best Employee Perks


It’s a fact that you’re going to spend a large portion of your life at work, which is why you should make this time worthwhile. Large, successful companies such as Google and Facebook have provided such perks to employees so that once one gets a job there, they wouldn’t ever want to quit. That easy-going work-life balance which they’ve established as a standard for employees is something anyone would wish for.


The salary sometimes is not the only reason employees choose a job, but just as important are the extra benefits and perks which are offered. Companies that offer perks such as gym classes, free food, special discounts, etc. are the best in employee retention which nowadays is the most difficult to obtain. For that purpose, every single company is trying their best in order to create a rewarding environment for its employees to thrive in. However, only a few have done their best in order to achieve what others couldn’t. Here is a list of those companies which offer the best employee perks and are every employee’s dream.

1. Google

These are the various reasons why Google takes number 1 on our list of the best workplace cultures:
  • Free food from any type of cuisine

Who wouldn’t consider having a free breakfast, lunch and dinner with their colleagues as a great workplace perk, right? Well, employees at Google get to enjoy any type of food they like from the international cuisine that they have around campus. And that is not all; they also have a number of cafes where they have their choice of beverages and can get a cup of coffee or a glass of juice to replenish their energy levels.

  • Dogs are welcome

Leaving your pet at home because you have to go to work is something every employee hates doing. It is amazing how Googlers have found that bringing their pets to work is something which will allow them to focus on work worry-free, use their breaks constructively and at the same time give them enough energy to continue work for the rest of the day.

  • Free rides to the office

Instead of rushing to get to work and risking your life every morning driving fast, there is in fact an easy way for Googlers to get to work; having the opportunity to get free rides to work every day! Furthermore, after enjoying an alcoholic drink after work to unwind, instead of getting behind the wheel themselves, there is someone who will give you a free ride home. Isn’t that great?

  • Encourage learning

The best thing that an employer can offer to their employees is the ability to learn and expand their knowledge. Google does that by offering various educational courses to the employees, who at the same time can visit libraries around campus that offering tons of literature.

  • Fitness classes, gyms and showers as well

Sometimes workplaces offer a gym with fitness classes which employees usually use after work and then go home to shower. However, Google believes that the energy boost which a workout gives you is something which an employee would benefit from in order to fulfill all their daily tasks, while simultaneously managing to relieve all their stress. Well, Google provides gym equipped with classes, showers and the like for their employees to do as a quick midday energizer at their leisure.

  • Benefits for the spouse and children in case of death

In the event of a tragic and fatal incident leading to death, Google will provide your spouse with half of your salary for the next 10 years. Family matters and Google definitely understands that!

 2. Wegmans Food Markets

Both part time and full time employees have the full health insurance coverage which is clear evidence that this employer has done something exceptional to ensure their employees are healthy and able to work. Their health care program also features nutritional advice, pharmacy access, regular physical fitness activities and yoga programs.

Yet another perk that Wegmans Food Market offers to their employees is the assistance in finding childcare, senior care, legal consultations and financial planning.

The employees here also get a discount on mobile phone services, computers, and even tickets to amusement parks!

 3. Facebook
  • Family First!

Well, this is definitely true for newlyweds or new parents who work for Facebook. Whenever you decide to bring a new little one into the world, Facebook will pay up to $4,000 for the newborn and $3,000 for babysitting expenses. Despite giving the standard maternity leave, Facebook also offers a paternity leave up to four months paid absence.

Has Facebook just become your dream job? We wouldn’t blame you! The list of perks is extraordinary, providing 100% covered health care, free meals, free gym membership, dry cleaning and even “work from home Wednesdays”.


 Netflix may not be as generous as Facebook in giving employees cash after they have their newborn, but they definitely are generous when it comes to the amount of time off they give for new parents to spend at home with their little one. The paternity and maternity leave at Netflix are a year off for each parent. Trust them when they say the time you spend with your family is priceless, because they truly mean it!

If you decide that it is time to go back to school to further your education and career while you are employed by Salesforce, they will cover 100% of the education expenses. Just by the simple fact that they invest in their employees’ education, they are investing in the company’s own future as well.

The company is also generous when it comes to giving a discount to their employees for things like gym memberships, concert tickets, babysitting services, house cleaning, and much more.

 6. Rackspace

 The greatest perk that Rackspace offers to its employees is that they pay their employees for any volunteer work they decide to do. They even offer help to those who want to adopt a child, through the Adoption Assistance Program. If you by any chance feel overworked or worn down, you have the chance to take some paid time off and re-energize and relax. Isn’t that amazing?  

7. Airbnb

Airbnb has received the award for being the number one place to work for 2016 and that is definitely for good reason. They are giving their employees a stipend of $2,000 per year to spend while travelling around the world, getting to know different cultures, traditions and nations while at the same time broadening their minds. That way, once their employees get back to work they will be enthusiastic to share with their colleagues all the knowledge and skills they’ve gained from their travels.

 8. World Wildlife Fund

 This NGO gives back-up child care whenever employees are travelling concerning work obligations. This perk is definitely something any young parents would like to have included in their benefits package, right?

Another amazing benefit that the WWF offers their employees is the opportunity to have every second Friday off. The “Panda Fridays” are a perk which put a smile on every WWF employee’s face since they all can look forward to enjoying the long weekend. The ability to enjoy 20 days of paid vacation, 10 paid holidays, 10 days sick leave as well as the Panda Fridays, is any employee’s dream!

 9. 3M

 3M are definitely doing their best to make their employees better people. They will help you create the best version of yourself through the various programs they offer as a part of their employee benefits package. You will no longer struggle with the extra pounds or that bad smoking habit which you’ve struggle to overcome for years now. 3M’s employees have programs they can choose from in order to lose weight, quit smoking and deal with and reduce stress.

Well, since they care for their employees’ personal health, those employees will make sure the company grows and has a healthy profit as well, right?

 10. Cisco

Is there a better way to deal with stress other than getting a free gym membership or free massages and acupuncture? For all employees at Cisco, life is made a bit easier and slightly more care-free once they get back in the office after a quick acupuncture session, don’t you think? The benefits don’t stop with a generous salary and health insurance when working for Cisco. The one perk that most of their employees enjoy most is the hiking and biking programs where they can enjoy the incredible nature outside the office, replenish their energy and come back to work fresh and ready for a new day!


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