What Basic Skills Should All Employees Have?


Sometimes regardless of job title or description, an employee has to have certain skills in order to be selected, hired and retained. In fact, all employees should have a set of basic skills, which will help them perform their job more easily while at the same time qualifying them for many other types of jobs.


The basic skills that all employees should have are teamwork, good communication, willingness to do tasks by themselves, the ability to set priorities while structuring and organizing their work, computer and language knowledge and motivation for learning new things. Let us elaborate a little more on each skill so that you as an employee can do your best to improve them.

  • Teamwork

It is always important to be a team player. Even beginning from primary and secondary education through any type of project and organization you’ve been a part of, teamwork is praised. You must be aware that being a team player at work will make any leader choose you rather than anyone else to take part in new projects. In fact, statistics have confirmed that teamwork is truly the number one skill that any potential candidate should have.

Being able to collaborate, help, communicate and appreciate your colleagues is definitely a must in order to do your job well. If you are used to managing and solving everything individually, try getting advice from a colleague and you will see that two heads can find a better solution than one. That is what we call teamwork!

  • Written and Spoken Communication

There is a certain level of written and spoken communication that you have to respect while being at work. You cannot use slang or shortcuts in order to express an idea, because no one will take you seriously. For that reason, both spoken and written communication have to adhere to the grammar rules and include only professional vocabulary. While writing, you might want to check the APA writing style guide that can give you directions and be helpful in any moment of doubt.

  • Self-motivation

Instead of waiting for a manager’s encouragement or reprimand, you should be self-motivated and do the daily work you are supposed to finish. For you as an employee, it isn’t recommended to stay behind deadlines or slack at work. That will eventually get you fired, which neither your manager nor you would like to deal with. It is important to always have the initiative to do new tasks, doing your work better and better every single time.

  • Being Organized

Imagine you get to the office early in the morning and now it’s s already noon, while you are still responding to emails, drinking coffee and chatting with colleagues, watching pointless YouTube videos, or checking your social media networks news feed. We have all had such a day, when the hangover from last night won’t let us do our work, right?

However, those days can only happen a few times a year. If you love your job and are willing to perform well, finishing all the tasks you are supposed to do, then you should get serious and organized. You cannot achieve anything if you do not set yourself some priorities and goals from the very moment you step in the office. It is better to do the difficult tasks early in the morning and leave the easiest ones for the end of your workday, rather than do it the other way round. You should use your energy wisely in order to achieve great results.

  • A Quest for Continual Learning

We’ve all had that annoying colleague who thinks he or she knows everything; while all they have is a college degree, no real work history and a huge ego. Well, at work things function way different for the successful individuals. If you are unwilling to continue learning, reading news and following trends, even enroll in a course that will update your current knowledge, there won’t be a chance for you to succeed.

Read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up, start learning German, go to the library more often, read the latest news and trends for your field of work and you’ll see that you’ll become a greater, more respected and most importantly skillful employee. We all know that those are the kinds of employees’ managers love to work with!


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