What Do Successful Recruiters Have in Common?


The first and most important skill a successful recruiter should have is the ability to deal with a variety of people’s characters and personalities. This trait is the one that every recruiter should possess and polish as an inner and natural talent.


Recruiting requires a lot of insight into people’s work ethics, knowledge, experience, collaboration, morals, etc., as well as an ability to set a clear border between the personal and professional behavior of their employees. Nonetheless, these are features that only the top recruiters have mastered and have built their career around. Here are some of the characteristics that successful recruiters have in common.

  • Responsive and Provide Replies

Good communication is crucial for exceptional recruiting. We’ve all heard that before, but what does ‘good communication’ actually mean? Here are some of the basics; an ability to convey messages without being misinterpreted, having high emotional intelligence, and patience to listen and respond, all so that you can solve problems. Sometimes it’s recruiters who have a responsibility to deliver bad news, so having a certain technique, tactics or knowledge of how to do that without hurting other people’s feelings is essential.

Being lethargic and postponing to reply to the load of candidate’s emails that are desperately looking for a job is unacceptable and irresponsible. It is every recruiter’s responsibility to reply to every single question or email, no matter if the answer would be a positive or a negative one.

  • Oriented Towards Fulfilling Future Goals

Dealing with some past issues that weren’t solved is something which will unnecessarily drain your energy. As a recruiter, the only goals you should set for yourself are those in the future because anything else will not be worthwhile of your efforts. This type of futuristic approach also refers to a recruiter’s ability to see beyond the present and form plans and expectations.

Whenever you hire an employee, you should not only base your decision on the candidate’s previous achievements, but will also see if the interviewee has the ability to learn new things and be flexible.

  • A Great Recruiter Has Strong People Skills

By having strong people skills, I mean being easily approachable, friendly, open, talkative and interesting, so people will feel comfortable around you. It will be easier to network once you are likeable and accessible to your clients, no matter who you work for. The recruiter is in fact the bond between a job opening and a job seeker; they are the ones that make this connection function. For that reason, a recruiter should show:  trustworthiness, patience, empathy, flexibility, non-judgmental behavior, persuasiveness, negotiating skills, open-mindedness, and so on.

  • Passionate About Their Job

In this hectic world where everything is money-driven, it is rare but worthwhile to have a career you are passionate about, instead of dragging yourself to work every day just for the sake of that large paycheck you get at the end of the month. Yet, only those who are driven by the love for their job will truly succeed in their careers. If you do not have intrinsic motivation to perform your job, your negative attitude will drain your energy, knowledge and resources. Having no energy and a job you dislike at the same time, is not worth the effort and is a recipe for stress and unhappiness.

Recruiters who are great at their career are not the ones who are paid the most, but those who are the most passionate about waking up every morning to go to work. That is what makes them different from all the rest.

  • Self-Motivated

Being self-motivated means being interested and enthusiastic about the work you do - this is one of the key features in obtaining success. First of all, you have to have enough self-awareness and confidence to know that you can accomplish your goals, which gives you the ability to pursue a career yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to hand you an opportunity. Self-motivation means putting the passion for your work into action.

  • Well Organized and Have Great Time-Management Skills

Recruiting requires a lot of clever thinking when it comes to time-management and organization; you are dealing with so many people while at the same time keeping track of every single detail. That is a tough thing to do and it will seek a lot of your time, energy and efforts. However, great recruiters will know how to manage things well before delving into a situation without wasting their time on something which can be handled more quickly.

  • Think Outside the Box

Sometimes what makes people great is their rebellious nature and unwillingness to adhere to a given set of rules. Those leaders make their own rules, while listening to their intuition for every choice they make. Once you are a recruiter who is eager to think of new ways and solutions for every single situation, while treating every employee as an individual, it means you are doing a good job. At the end, everything is a matter of perspective, so make sure you approach any situation from every single aspect!


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