What Makes An Employee Happy?


We can all agree that happiness is a rather relative thing since what makes one person happy, may not even put a smile on someone else’s face. However, if you have a certain target group, in this case your employees in their work environment, then it is much easier to come to a conclusion and be quite specific at that. Therefore, we have gathered some statistics of interviews with employees from various workplaces. In the end, the most important ingredient to making employees happy is to satisfy their needs and wishes.


Around 67% of employees said that they are currently satisfied with their job just because it offers them a great work-life balance and they are passionate about what they do, so they wouldn’t change their job. The reasons which made them feel passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs are the daily challenges, the connection they felt towards the organisation and the importance of making a difference with their work.

Employees go for a job that is challenging because that is how they grow.

It is essential to realise the fact that a valuable employee would never accept a job that offers them mundane obligations without sparkling up the passion within them. The daily challenges which are thrust upon them is what will make that employee eager to come to work every day. People will always want a certain dosage of something unexpected or insolvable to have to deal with. Things that cannot be predicted are the daily challenge that every employee needs. Challenges do not have to be something huge that will drain their energy, but on the contrary can be achievable goals which will reveal their true knowledge and potential.

Once an employee feels connected to an organisation, no money can drive them away from it.

We have to admit that people are emotional creatures and many times they make their decision based on what they feel instead of what is reasonable. So, decisions in favor of a certain workplace are most of the time made because employees may feel connected to the purpose and motto of that organisation, rather than for a big paycheck or bonus. Happy employees are those who feel like an integral part of an organisation, knowing that people depend on their knowledge and expertise. In order to make employees a part of an organisation, companies and managers should show their appreciation and let employees know that they are an irreplaceable part of the entire chain.

We are all action-driven, striving to make a difference in other people’s lives!

In line with the two above mentioned happiness-creators comes another which makes an employee feel important and appreciated. Once you give an employee a role that will make them feel like they are contributing and making an impact on someone’s life or business, it will immediately make them feel happy. That is why volunteering is possible, since making a difference and changing the world gives people a larger purpose to work for than just a regular paycheck they’ll get at the end of the month.

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