Working to Make a Difference Does Not Have To Be Only at Work – Donate and Volunteer


More often than not, employees want to know the “whys” of their work.  Why are they doing this and why does their work make a difference?  We are all working for a paycheck —we all have bills to pay and often families depending on us.  We also work for the fulfillment of doing a good job and supporting our co-workers. Embracing the positive impact your job has on customers offers motivation.  Knowing that your personal contribution on the job has a positive impact on persons outside your company provides a genuine level of satisfaction.  However, do not get caught up in the trophy quest, because you will not earn one just for showing up and doing your job.  Your job is a trophy.  


Treat that job as the Stanley Cup and show it off! Tell others about what you do and why you like it. Even if you don’t enjoy certain aspects of your work day, expand on the positive features of your job. You know why? Because you’re working!  Think of people who are not working because of serious illness and other issues beyond their control who desire to be part of a team and create something for a well earned paycheck.

For all of you who demand to know what altruistic transformation you are making because of your job, please understand that just by working you are making a difference. And if you need to make more of a difference, pass up the TV streaming and social media and donate your time to a charity or a civic cause in which you believe. Every single day we can give something positive of ourselves to others and our community. Employers, encourage your employees to give back to the community by volunteering at a charity or civic organization of their choosing and we all win!

Work to learn and learn to work. We all have a lot to teach and a lot to take in, so enjoy it.


About the author:

Bethany Drucker is an energetic attorney whose primary professional focus and expertise is in employment law.  Bethany is admitted in good standing to practice law in New York and Illinois and has a public sector background which includes detecting and fighting fraud and corruption. Many of the cases Bethany worked on resulted in federal indictments.  Bethany has an undergraduate degree from Boston University (1994) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications and a Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University (2001).  After she graduated college, while in her early 20’s, Bethany independently owned and opened two businesses on Long Island, NY.  

Bethany enjoys problem solving compliance and/or EEOC related issues no matter how small or large.  Bethany is the corporate counsel for Azimuth LLC and A.S.G. Staffing, Inc.  Bethany welcomes topics to address and problems to solve.  Feel free to email her at should you like her to write about a particular employment law related topic.


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