Potential Clients

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  1. Order: look through our internal system to identify relevant candidates we have spoke to in the past
  2. Feedback: using our new candidate portal we share profiles with clients and get real feedback 
  3. Submit: generally, they like a few or all of the candidates we present and all we have to do is call the candidates back and see if they are open to new opportunities 
  4. Recruit: we recruit if we cannot get it filled using our internal database
  • Payroll: Client provides candidates they would like to hire; client is unable or has no desire to complete the hiring process.
  • Backfill: When a person leaves a company and a client needs a replacement; generally for harder to fill positions.
  • Project Based Work: Client undergoes large operational changes within the organization. Large labor increase (10+ candidates).
  • Standing Order: Very difficult positions to fill that client is always in the market to hire if the right candidate is presented.
Three years ago, we started pursuing a better business model, which begins with building the candidate profile by collecting basic information via our S1 Survey. Additionally, we developed a taxonomy system to group people with similar job titles. This simple change has allowed us to obtain real-time feedback directly from clients, drastically increasing our speed and accuracy on future orders. It also allows us to identify whether the position is fillable, saving valuable time recruiting only for orders we can likely fill.
For temporary positions (Temp to Hire), our employees get paid weekly through the company based on their hourly rate.
Azimuth specializes in light industrial positions. (manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and transportation).
  1.  Direct Hire Model
    1. Hourly placement fee ($6.00)
    2. Azimuth’s Staffing fee over 90 working days (720 hrs) is capped at ($3,000) compared to traditional TTH (40% markup generally about $7.20 per hour) saving the client over $2000 per candidate
    3. Azimuth’s model the client will not be billed if the candidate leaves 
    4. No extra staffing fees associated with overtime
We fill at least 1 position per order 92% of the time.
75,000 resumes, 45,000 skilled candidates, 2,500 active employees, nine regional office locations.