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It’s business as usual for our team to speak with 100 or more candidates for your job opening to find the right person. Take advantage of our proactive recruiting process to identify the right talent for your company, faster. Let us take the hassle off your plate of spending hours searching for prospects.

We put in the leg work for you. Each week, we speak to over 300 potential job seekers around the Chicagoland area. Search and filter through our talent database to review profiles of pre-qualified candidates with experience in all levels of work in light industrial.

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What we do for clients

What we do for clients

  • Gain a deep understanding of how your business works in order to learn what a potential job opening means to you from an operational and financial level.
  • All the legwork required to discover the best-fit candidates for your specific needs
  • Ongoing proactive recruiting to make sure we are speaking with the most qualified candidates at all times

During our face-to-face discover session, we identify exactly who you want to work for your company. Together, we use this information to curate a range of highly-vetted candidates that fit your specific needs.

We service light industrial companies in Chicagoland

Since our company’s founding in 1992, we have helped over 400 manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation companies acquire new hires and scale their staff as they grow.

  • 598
    Jobs opened in 2020
  • 92%
    Placement rate
  • 48,085
    Candidates in our database

How we do it

We believe in the power and transparency of information. Finding truly qualified candidates can take a lot of time and effort. We know that in the light industrial world, time is extremely valuable. This is why we opened up our database of vetted candidates to the public.

Our goal is to present you with all possible options to fill a role. We do this through learning about our candidates and messaging their story to you. We want to show you the skills and experience, along with pay expectations of all our candidates, so you can decide which options work best for you.

How we do it


“There is a quick turnaround with my temp needs and I now have several new workers that fit in perfectly.”
Diane, Warehouse Manager
“We are able to reach out when we need additional temp support and Azimuth provides the level of talent that minimizes training with exceptional candidates in an expedient time frame with minimal down time. Thank you Azimuth!”
Richard, Distribution Center Manager
“Excellent responsiveness from our Client Ambassador and other Azimuth management to all issues and requests. Our Client Ambassador is also responsive with all the employees Azimuth has on assignment with us. In addition, Azimuth does a great job in rapidly finding qualified candidates and filling our openings.”
Anthony, Mechanical Manufacturing Manager
"As a rapidly growing business, with a production workforce nearly doubling every 2 months, we have been extremely fortunate to have Azimuth as our staffing partner. They have demonstrated rapid response to staffing needs, flexible approach, professional management, and seamless integration with our company. Normally, staffing is a limiting factor for growth, but with Azimuth, we have been free to focus all our time, attention, and resources on developing our product and expanding our business."
Anthony, Mechanical Manufacturing Manager
“The Reps at Azimuth are always responsive; even if it is a quick message saying 'I received your email and will get back to you'. This action is always appreciated.”
Stephen, Director of Logistics, MFG, Distribution
“Azimuth is always our first call when we’re looking to staff up.”
John, 3PL Owner
“Our Client Ambassador has gone above and beyond her duties to ensure the success in our company. She is very responsive and efficient with solutions to our concerns. She helped initiate our Safety Program by sharing with us the essential information needed while we brought the appropriate personnel to our company. Her knowledge and expertise has helped us tremendously during our first year, which has been a year of unforeseen ramp up and growth. Our company can not express enough how much we appreciate all she has done for our us. They separate themselves from other agencies by providing a personal touch with their employees along with nurturing and maintaining their relationship with us. That speaks volumes of their commitment to clients and customers”
Jajaida, Office Manager, Mechanical Manufacturing
“The skill level and quality of the people that Azimuth has supplied to us is beyond our expectations, knowing that we are in a very tight job market to hire in.”
Brad, President, Electrical Manufacturing
“Azimuth is a responsive company, actively involved with our staffing needs daily. Very good at issue resolution and planning growth with our staffing needs.”
David, Director of Operations, 3PL
“Provided us with an outstanding worker!”
Jim, Owner, Distribution
“We have used Azimuth for a number of years for office and warehouse positions. We have been very happy with their service and all our requests for labor have been handled timely.”
Mike, Owner, Freight Forwarding

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